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I adopt a 'Slow Fashion' approach, where a classically designed item that is well made from great quality materials will last for many years, ultimately contributing a lot less to the huge amounts of landfill the fashion industry generates every year.  

Please see below for other ways in which I am striving to make my business as planet friendly as possible.


Over the past few years I have been developing my sustainable cork range of handbags and accessories This material is plant based, vegan and extremely eco friendly.  Please see my cork page to read about the benefits of this amazing material.


Whilst leather is not generally considered to be a sustainable material, I do believe that the strength of the material is superior to many other bag making materials, therefore, contributing less to landfill due to its durability.

Within my leather range, I aim to increase my use of vegetable tanned leather. This leather type is tanned in a traditional, natural way, using leaves, bark and other vegetable matter instead of the chemicals chromed tanned leathers uses in the tanning process. 

All of the belt range and select handbags are currently made of vegetable tanned leather. Please get in touch if you would like a style specifically made from vegetable tanned leather as this can be applied to most styles available.


As all items sold by Debbie Macpherson Atelier are made by me I am more than happy to give your bag a refresh or fix any features to enable your bag to last many years longer. Services include:

*  Lining replacement.

*  Cleaning and colour touch up.

*  Replacement fittings.

*  Replacement straps & handles.

Please get in touch for further details.


We are always working towards making our packaging is as sustainable as possible. Most  items are mailed in cardboard boxes or envelopes using paper tape where possible.


During delivery our bags are stuffed with eco-friendly bubble wrap to maintain their shape.  All bubble wrap we use is is green bio-degradable, we also encourage customers to re-use.

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